‘Texas Chainsaw Prequel’?

I received this email from John, whom also attended the Fango Convention, “I was also at the Weekend of Horror’s this weekend and can confirm the news you posted about Andrew Bryniarski being in another Texas Chainsaw Massacre film. However, I have more info on this. I talked to Andrew in the lobby of the hotel where the convention was transpiring while he was waiting for his Leatherface stand-up to arrive (which was positioned next to his signing table), and he said that the next one will most likely be a prequel. He said the idea of exploring all of the murders that happened before the new remake (which I think totaled 33, if I remember correctly) is the concept that is being tossed around. Also, the main reason this prequel may go through is because he will have both of his hands intact in the prequel, as losing one in the latest film would lead him to have only one working arm in a sequel.” You can also check out Creature-Corner for more.
Check back here later this week for Heidi’s (our reviewer) terrifying face-to-face interview with Leatherface from the Fango con this past weekend!

Source: John