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Drummer/Vocalist Aaron Gillespie Of Underoath Parts Ways

Aaron Gillespie was the last original member of christian metal act Underoath and he has abruptly announced his departure from the band for a few reasons. The band had this to say on behalf of his departure:

“We are taking this opportunity to sadly inform you the six of us have decided at the end of the current European tour, Aaron will no longer be playing in Underoath. This was not a decision made in haste but a thought out and prayed upon group agreement. It in no way effects any of the shows left on this tour. They will still be our best efforts and enjoyable experiences for all. For the future, Aaron will be pursuing other musical and ministry endeavors. As for the rest of us we will continue to work hard on the new Underoath record. We appreciate the love and support from everyone in the past and hope that all of us will continue to receive your support on our future paths. We love you guys.”

Read past the break for Aaron’s official statement on behalf of his departure. Aaron Gillespie:

“I am more then aware the the news you have heard of seems rash, and probably hasty. I wanted to be able to write a few thing down here to maybe help you understand a bit, or at least clear up the rumor mill before it starts grind like a mo fo.

1. Underoath and I have parted ways. Yes, that is a true statement. There is no bad blood, there is no anger, I was in that band for eleven years, I love every person with my whole heart, I love the music we made together, the shows we played and the good times we had. People change, times change, and sometimes change just comes hunting for you.

2. Yes, I will continue to play in the Almost. I will also play acoustic, as well as speak and do other musical/ ministry type things.

3. Yes, Underoath will remain a band, yes without me.

4. I really still love you, a lot.

5. I am still giving drum lessons, all your appointments will be honored and kept.

6. Everything you read here is true, regardless of what your friends or internet connection might tell you.

7. It’s all good. listen to uo, listen to the almost if you want, times change, roll with the hurricane.”

There is no news on who will be replacing Aaron as the new drummer but as soon as BD finds out I will have it posted. Until then feel free to comment on this and also speculate on who could take Aaron’s place.



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