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Daath Guitarists To Release Levi/Werstler Project

Daath guitar titans, Eyal Levi and Emil Werstler, will unleash their new all instrumental collaboration, Levi/Werstler ‘Avalanche of Worms’ on Magna Carta Records on April 20th. The duo has teamed with legendary drummer Sean Reinert (Cynic, ex-Death) to deliver a commanding sonic statement. Both accomplished guitarists, their interplay allows Levi’s compositional style and Werstler’ virtuosic guitar abilities to complement each other fully. Reinert proves yet again to be unparalleled in his intensity and musicality on drums. This unique alchemy prevents this album from being classified under any one genre. “We work in metal but the vibe of this is just coming from somewhere else,” Werstler says. “It’s hard to put your finger on what it is.”


Get a sneak preview of the first single from the album “Dura Mater” by visiting the band’s website at  Avalanche of Worms is available now for pre-order from both Magna Carta Records and Third Degree Merch, so see the links below for additional information and access to new media content. 
Avalanche of Worms is a culmination of years of dedication and the freedom to see a vision come to fruition. Combining Eyal Levi’s compositional prowess and the virtuosic force that is Emil Werstler has created a metal masterpiece. Waves of sound will crash over listeners during an intensely orchestrated assault on the senses. Avalanche of Worms is innovative, unique and the true definition of metal.



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