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FAR Releases 1st New Song In 12 Years

I was so excited about this I had to post it myself. For those who don’t know who Far is, they released their last album in 1998 entitled, Water and Solutions. It was and still is an amazing record. The band broke up in 1999, spinning off into many new bands such as The Revolution Smile, Onelinedrawing, and Gratitude. When I found out they broke up, I was shattered. When you really really love a band and they break up, all you can think is “That’s it. No more new songs.”. It’s kind of devastating really. Far was a major influence for such bands as Thursday, Blink 182, and Funeral For A Friend.

Back in the day Far and Deftones we’re good friends touring together, and if you can search hard enough you’ll find a few songs they did together. I’m not sure if the relationship still stands, but that’d be a tour I would die for. In 2008, Far got together to play some shows. Liking the feeling of playing together, they played some more, and finally decided to try the band thing again. I can’t begin to express the feelings of joy that swept over me. Vagrant Records re-signed Far, and they recorded their 5th studio album, At Night We Live. Please read on!
The album is due out May 25th of this year. And recently they released this amazing song from the album for people to listen to called ‘Deafening’. I was about ready to cry I was so happy and amazed. So please head over to their myspace HERE and check out Deafening, and more if you’re into it!



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