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The Ghost Inside Post New Track Online

The Ghost Inside has created a huge buzz within the hardcore genre over the past year and their much anticipated new album, Returners, is set for a June 8th release. The band just wrapped up an extremely successful North American run as part of the “Atticus Metal Tour” with Unearth and Stick To Your Guns. Their long term goal is to continue to put out new music and tour in as many new places as possible while crushing everything in their path. Be sure to head over now to to stream the vicious new track “Chrono” (featuring ex-Bury Your Dead vocalist Mat Bruso), view special pre-order package deals and to check out their entire tour itinerary.
ghost inside

Aaron (guitars) further states: “I thought awhile about what I wanted the music to sound like for this record. I stressed on it until I finally got to the point of not caring. I was so worried about what it was going to sound like that I forgot to just have fun with it. I finally just told myself that if I wrote a part that I liked, then I would keep it regardless of what genre it might fit into. It was ultimately a great decision because after that I started writing tons of parts that I thought were awesome. The record ended up coming together really fast. There’s a lot of variety on Returners. I hope you dig it!
“We also just shot a new video for the song ‘Unspoken.’ We wanted the video to be a rager because the song sounds like a party in itself. We were throwing around ideas and didn’t want to do the standard house party theme so we decided to do the next best thing. Pool Party!!! Our good friend Johnny Plague (Winds Of Plague) was nice enough to let us and 40 of our friends take over his backyard for a day. The video came out amazing! Scott Hansen (A Day To Remember, Alesana, Skylit Drive, Carnifex) is the man and put together a great cut. Look for that video online in May sometime.”
Vigil (vocals) further comments: “I came up with the album title Returners one day when I returned home from a tour and noticed that a lot of things had changed in the month or so I was gone. Some friendships were no more, some of my favorite places to go didn’t exist anymore, or that I was getting older and my family members were aging. It just solidifies what I’ve been running away from my entire life which is that we live in an ever-changing and ever-evolving world and no matter how content we are and no matter how bad we want things to stay perfect forever, there are just some things we will never be able to control. Same goes for the places that we visit frequently on tour, or familiar places we go to. Places that you remember and that you return to, might be completely different.”



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