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Daath Guitarists Team Up with Guitar World

Daath guitar titans, Eyal Levi and Emil Werstler, have teamed up with Guitar World Magazine to present a series of exclusive video shorts and transcriptions for a number of tracks from their highly acclaimed new, all instrumental collaboration, Levi/Werstler Avalanche of Worms on Magna Carta Records on April 20th. This special series kicks off today with the worldwide exclusive post of the track, “Loathsome Little Fiend,” online coupled with the supplemental elements listed above. Click on the link below now to check it out.

Werstler further states: “Today we debut the track ‘Loathsome Little Fiend’ and a transcription of its arpeggiated solo break from our upcoming Magna Carta release Avalanche of Worms.  Within the next couple of months, we’ll be contributing videos on various topics that are worthy of checking out or potential ideas that can assist you in opening doors creatively. We are excited to have the chance to throw these concepts your way because we have been avid readers of Guitar World for quite some time. So, without further ado, here is the first contribution of the Levi/Werstler Guitar World series.”
The duo has teamed with legendary drummer Sean Reinert (Cynic, ex-Death) to deliver a commanding sonic statement. Both accomplished guitarists, their interplay allows Levi’s compositional style and Werstler’ virtuosic guitar abilities to complement each other fully. Reinert proves yet again to be unparalleled in his intensity and musicality on drums. This unique alchemy prevents this album from being classified under any one genre.
Avalanche of Worms is a culmination of years of dedication and the freedom to see a vision come to fruition. Cobining Eyal Levi’s compositional prowess and the virtuosic force that is Emil Werstler has created a metal masterpiece. Waves of sound will crash over listeners during an intensely orchestrated assault on the senses. Avalanche of Worms is innovative, unique and the true definition of metal.



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