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Fronz of Attila Shares Favorite Horror Movies

Fronz, singer of the Atlanta, Georgia party metal band Attila sent over a list of his Top 10 horror films. Check it out after the jump to see if your favorite is on the list!

Attila has a new album, ‘Rage’, coming out May 11th and they are on a constant touring schedule for the next several months in support of this album. Some of the bands they are touring with include Dr. Acula, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Sky Eats Airplane, Sleeping With Sirens, Blind Witness, A Hero A Fake, and more. You can check them out at their Official MySpace HERE.

1)      Cannibal Holocaust
This is definitely just one of the most twisted movies ever and probably the most gory movie we’ve ever seen.  It was originally banned in several countries and definitely pushed the limits for all horror films.  The facts behind the movie are also interesting – when the movie was first released, people thought it was based on true facts which scared a lot of people from seeing it.  It also has one of the goriest scenes in all horror movie history.
2)      Halloween (2007 Rob Zombie version)
First off, Rob Zombie is just a horror genius.  This movie is twisted and epic, and makes you feel like you’re the victim which adds a whole new level of suspense.  We enjoy Rob Zombie’s twisted mind, the movies he makes, and his overall twisted genius craziness.
3)      The Devil’s Rejects
This is just such a brutal movie.  It keeps your attention the whole time, and another Rob Zombie film.  We really like the whole plot and storyline behind the movie; it’s really well thought out and definitely twisted.  We remember watching this movie the morning after a rough night of partying when we were all feeling pretty hungover.  This movie made us feel even more twisted than we had before.
4)      House of 1000 Corpses
We’re obviously huge Rob Zombie horror film fans because this movie is another by him.  We liked the plot of this movie because it’s kind of like Texas Chainsaw Massacre but in a silly twisted way.  Growing up in Georgia, we’re all familiar with how creepy backwoods people are.  It hits close to home at the heart, the dirty south people.  Everyone dies – even the hot girls die.
5)      28 Days Later
This is such a scary movie!  Of all the zombie horror/apocalypse movies out there, this one seems the most plausible.  Zombie movies are scary as hell, and this one definitely has the most realistic concept with the virus going throughout society.  It shows evil will always prevails because in times of need people look after themselves and don’t come together – it’s eye opening and makes us ask is this really the world we live in?  Plus, the name of the virus is “rage” which of course is the name of our new album.
6)      The Exorcist
This is just one of the freakiest, nastiest, scariest movies ever, bottom line.  This movie scared the s**t out of us, especially since most of us saw it when we were much younger.  Seeing this movie as a little kid and imagining your bed levitating and floating around your room scared all of us.  And of course the projectile vomit scene is epic.
7)      A Nightmare On Elm Street
This movie scared the crap out of all of us!  The dude [Freddy Krueger] is just scary.  We always have scary dreams from constantly being on the road, and this movie just reminds us of nightmares.  It’s based on crazy dreams and any kind of dream based evil monster is scary to us.  We all have nightmares and the basis of this movie is definitely something we would have a nightmare about.  We don’t  have dreams, we only have nightmares – to us, everything we do during the day is part of a good dream and at night we have nightmares.
8)      Friday the 13th 
Jason always kills the kids that party!! Not cool, man!  The people who don’t drink and party don’t get killed – we feel like there’s some sort of subliminal message in that.  We like the movie overall but we don’t like the fact that he only kills the people that party.  We also think it’s pretty cool how the hockey mask Jason wears in the movie became a universal sign of evil in pop culture today.
9)      Frailty
This movie is absolutely crazy.  The fact that somebody could be instructed by God to go and kill other people is just absolutely terrifying.  It’s just such a crazy concept that someone could start killing people because of religion.  People make f***ed up decisions because of God and the whole bringing religion and God into a way where you harm other people is really scary.
10)   The Room
Okay so this is not technically a horror movie but it’s definitely horrible!! The acting is absolutely terrible but it’s so terrible that it’s funny.  It’s become a legendary cult film.  The dialogue is priceless – almost every single line from the movie is quotable.  The terrible acting it what almost makes it a horror movie, and the fact that the movie actually got released makes it even scarier.



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