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Type O Negative Frontman, Peter Steele, Has Passed Away

Today is a really sad and awful day for metal music. Peter Steele, singer and bassist for Type O Negative has passed away due to heart failure. There is no official statement from the band as of yet but they will have one released by the end of today. Peter Steele was born as Petrus T. Ratajczyk on January 4, 1962 and passed away yesterday April 14, 2010. He was 48 years old and prior to Type O Negative he played in thrash metal band Carnivore. Peter will be dearly missed.

Read past the break if you’d like to leave a comment about Peter or if you wanna hear my little rant about Peter Steele and Type O Negative. I was introduced to Type O Negative around the time “Bloody Kisses” came out. My sister was into a lot of industrial music at the time and I of course followed. When “Bloody Kisses” came out my views on metal were totally shook. It was like nothing I had heard up until that point. The guitars sounded like power drills, the bass actually creeped me out and Peter’s voice sounded like what I though Nosferatu would sound like if he fronted an industrial metal band.  The thing that intrigued me the most was of course Peter’s voice, like i said up until that point no one sounded like him and to this day I still haven’t heard anyone sound like him. When I first heard the song “Black No. 1” it was instant love it was slow but fast and then creepy which at the time impressed me so much I begged my sister to record the album on a cassette for me. I played “Bloody Kisses” so much i wore the tape out within a few months . Safe to say Type O Negative probably had a lot to do with me getting into horror movies. I am forever grateful for the music Type O Negative came up with and sad that Peter had to pass away. No one could ever replace him. My sincerest regards to Peter’s family.

If you never got a chance to hear Type O Negative please enjoy the video for “Black No. 1”.



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