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Tool Shine The Littlest Light On Writing Their New Album

It’s been about 4 years since 2006’s “10,000” days. Which really isn’t that long in Tool fan years. We’re used to waiting what seems like forever for new material, but to be honest are we ever disappointed? I don’t mind waiting a few years for a band to make an awesome album, but only if it’s awesome. Well finally Tool decided to give us a little note in perfect Tool fashion.

Read past the break for the message!
“Members of the band are still in the process of writing new material (three days a week), and with the latest leg of the “Puscifer” tour nearing completion, it shouldn’t be long before the dry-erase board is filled with a bewildering array of color-coded intros, progressions, agitatos, con sordinos, crescendos, diatonics, inversions, resolutions, transitions, variations, obbligatos, consonance, and endings – the arrangements that millions will attempt to down-load off the internet.”

With that being said I look forward to what’s to come and I plan on keeping you updated with any details I can get, ’til then enjoy the video for “Stinkfist”



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