Album Review: Kivimetsan Druidi 'Betrayal, Justice, Revenge' - Bloody Disgusting
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Album Review: Kivimetsan Druidi ‘Betrayal, Justice, Revenge’



‘Betray, Justice, Revenge’ is the second album from Finnish symphonic folk metal band Kivimetsan Druidi, following Shadowheart, which came out approximately a year and a half ago. If you’ve never heard of them, the six-piece band can easily be compared to pre-Anette Nightwish (Leeni-Maria Hovila has a very operatic style of singing, similar to Tarja Turunen mixed with some of the eccentricities of Kate Bush). There is a lot of symphonic passages and folk melodies as well as a mixture of clean female vocals mixed in with heavier male growls. 
The breadth of this album is quite diverse relatively speaking but is standard fare when listening to such bands as Within Temptation, Eluveitie, etc… The production is also very solid but sounds a little dry. In general, considering the amount of instrumentation going on, it’s pretty incredible that music was pretty much without any muddiness. 

The music itself is your standard symphonic folk metal fare. As solid as the songs are in production and arrangement, they just aren’t memorable enough for one to really get into. The best way to describe is to think of a movie that you went and saw and enjoyed while you were in the theater. Then, upon leaving, you immediately started to forget the scenes. It’s nothing against Kivimetsan Druidi, but once a song ended, I found myself forgetting what I’d just heard. 
Overall, if you’re into this genre of metal, you can easily find a couple of songs to make you happy with your purchase. If you’re looking to get into symphonic folk metal, look elsewhere.
3 out of 5 skulls
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