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Top 10 Horror Movies: Lou Koller of Sick Of It All

Lou Koller, vocalist of Sick Of It All, sent us over a list of his Top 10 Horror films and I gotta say, this guy has some good taste! Check after the jump for the complete list. 

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Lou Koller:
I love/hate these “Ten favorite” lists! On one hand you maybe get to introduce people to movies they haven’t heard of or thought of in years. But on the other hand how do you boil a lifetime of horror to just ten!!! Do I talk just about the ones that scared the heck out of me or the ones that were gory and gross? Or just the classics? (Evil Dead,The Hollowing, Dracula and Bride of Frankenstein scared me out of my wits when I was a kid) Well here’s a mix bag of stuff hope you like it! 
The Hitcher (1986) The finger in the french fries? The girl tied between the truck and trailer! Sure tame now in the era of Saw and Hostile but back in ’86 it was out of left field. Rutger Hauer was awesome in this and C. Thomas Howell played his part great. Never saw the remake, just don’t have the desire.
Ringu (1998) The one that started the Japanese boom! I know there were JP horror movies before this one (Evil Dead Trap, Entrails of a Virgin etc) but this one really kicked open the door for hollywood to ruin them with remakes! Creepy as hell!! I had never saw anything like this! The weird movie on the tape, that little girl coming out of the T.V. Great movie.
Don’t be Afraid of the Dark (1973) This was a made for T.V. movie and it was surprisingly scary! A young couple moves in to a new home, then the stay at home wife finds some little coal shoot door that is sealed shut and even though the handy man tells her to leave it alone she has to have it open. Then the fun begins! Out come these little creatures (as kids we called them the onion heads) who proceed to terrorize the poor wife. What stuck with me all these years was that they would do stuff to her in a room full of people and appear to her at a dinner party and mess with her and no one else saw them! They thought the wife was going crazy. I wont give away the ending. Search this out! It was shown a couple times back then but you can find it at convention on dvd. Now this deserves a remake!
30 Days of Night (2007)/ Let the Right One In (2008) So many great Vampire films (Love all the Christopher Lee/Hammer films, Count Yorga, Vampire Lesbos and many more) and so many crappy ones! I chose these two because even though they’re very different they both are great examples of good Vampire stories. 30 Days has some of the baddest vampires ever! Danny Huston was incredible as the leader of these eastern european night creatures who just wanted to hunt like the old days! So were all the actors who played the other vampires too. (Was it just me or did anyone else find the “lead” girl vampire kind of hot? no, ok ) And the concept was so simple and right there for years why didn’t anyone think of it before! (please let me know if someone did) Now Let the right one, I didn’t love it when I first saw it. I was in the mood for something more action /horror but I did like it enough to watch it again and really got into the story and it is now one of my all time favorites. I went out and read the book which goes into more detail about the relationship of the little girl Eli and her “father” and other things. Totally worth reading! So now get your girlfriend who just loves vampires that sparkle in the sunlight and show her Let the Right One In she’ll probably think the ending is sooo sweet, Then show her 30 Days of Night! 
House Of The Devil (2009) This one reminds me of all those satanic horror movies my brothers and I would watch on channel 9 here in New York when there were no good kung fu movies on channel 5. The whole satanic cult thing was always hit and miss with me, but when done right (Race With the devil, The Devils rain) it can be really scary. This one has great atmosphere, and some out of no where shocking moments. It starts off slowly then builds the tension and keeps it going. I hope they make more like this! 
The Descent (2005) From the director of one of my favorite werewolf movies, Dog Soldiers, Neil Marshall came with what I thought was a pretty original take on the group of friends go into the woods/cave/old mental hospital idea. Now first off the cave diving and exploring is not scary to me till the show how cramped and confined they are. I was just as tense and uncomfortable when they were crawling thru those small ass tunnels and when I first saw the hand in the back ground on the wall as the were walking thru one of the tunnels. Actually my wife screamed and I said “what there just walking”, she rewound the scene and should me the hand move around the rock. Awesome! A lot of my friends have slept on this one, so when ever I get the chance I show them and so far everyone loves it. 
Them (ils) (2006) The French are the new Japanese! Their horror out put has pretty been consistent, High Tension, The Martyrs, Inside. But I really like this one, because it’s based on a true story. And the epilogue at the end is really frightening. I don’t want to spoil the story for anyone who hasn’t seen it. But a french teacher and her husband live in Bucharest in a remote villa as they bed down for the night they start to get strange phone calls and lights start going on and off in the house, and thats just the beginning. If you haven’t seen this I recommend you do. Also see The Strangers. 
Dawn of the Dead(1978/2004) Now here is a rare thing, a remake that out shines the original! (in my eyes at least) But I love them both. I remember going to one of my first midnight movies to see the original Dawn of the Dead it was an amazing experience. People screaming at the screen, bottles breaking, but I digress. Classic Dawn was everything I could have wanted! That scene with all the dead in the apartment in the beginning, the guy who gets his head chopped off by the copter. After seeing that movie the long talks with your friends about what you would do if you were in that mall and how cool it would be. it also kept our minds off the walk home on the dark deserted streets! I never thought the remake could be as good and never thought it would be better, but it was! Come on that opening alone with the little girl and all hell breaking loose! This wasn’t some shuffling zombies you could dance around and back peddle away from shit was out of control! You had to move and make split second decisions! With Johnny Cash playing in the intro I was sold! My only complaint when they were in the mall was, they never built the false wall!
Halloween (1978) Love this, it was so scary when I saw this way back when! Sitting in the theater people freaking out as Michel would get up behind Jamie Lee after she stuck or stabbed him great! Still love watching this uncut to this day! Haven’t seen Rob Zombie’s take on this yet, but I’ve heard good things. 
The Exorcist (1973) Now here’s the movie that scared me for months after seeing it as a kid. (and that was an edited version I saw on TV!) Guess it was my catholic up bringing. I was so afraid the devil was gonna posses me or someone in my family! When i saw it, the things they said and did in this movie were so against god I thought the whole cast must be going to hell. (hey I was a little kid) When i finally saw it uncut when I was a little older wow it was even more scary and shocking! Now my wife who’s younger than me, lets just say a lot younger, thinks this is a funny movie!!  The woman who screams and hides her eyes at every thing she thinks is gonna be scary, laughs at the scenes in the Exorcist! She doesn’t think this should be my number one scary movie. She said it should be High School Musical! Maybe she’s right!  
Well there it is. Hope you like it. I could fit them all in, Maybe I’ll come back and do one all about gory movies, like The Thing or Robogeisha and Tokyo Gore Police! Let me know what you think and what some of yours are. 



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