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Album Review: Attila ‘Rage’

‘Rage’ is the Artery/Razor & Tie debut album by Atlanta, GA so-called ‘’party death metal’’ band Attila. From this description I came into reviewing this album hoping to hear some music that made me want to head bang a bit, grab a few beers, etc… Y’know, get into the mood to party and rock out, right? Well, I’ll say this: I bobbed my head along for a few sections, but… Well, read on. 


Let’s start with the production, shall we? It sounds good; I’ll easily give it that. The guitars sound thick yet articulate. The vocals just enough in the front to pop out but not enough to sound like a completely separate entity. There is a lot of low end should you want to shake your walls, so no worries there. The drums sound solid but some of the cymbals have a very trashy sound to them (as in they sound like garbage can lids).
The songs definitely are high energy and you can tell that Attila recorded this song with gusto. However, EVERY song has at least one breakdown that sounds exactly like the breakdown in the next song. Seriously, you could interchange them and never know the difference. The lyrical content is also completely laughable. It’s hard to go at the lyrics when the band defines themselves as party death metal but some of these lyrics are just completely juvenile. Hearing ‘’I don’t give a fuck’’ in two different songs doesn’t really drive the point home so much as make me wonder if, just like the breakdowns, the lyrics could be interchanged with no one being the wiser.
Musically, these guys can definitely play. There are some interesting tempo changes that are very sudden and some intricate dueling guitar harmonies coupled with fast and intricate riffage. There are some moments that made me wonder if I was listening to another band, however: In ‘Cheyenne 420’, there is a section near the end that sounds like the end of Opeth’s ‘Deliverance’. Also, in ‘Temper’ there is a small part in the middle that sounds like it was influenced by the old school Castlevania games. 
Overall, this album can easily fall under the guilty pleasure category. Attila has solid musicianship and shows the ability to write some interesting music. Given some time, they could easily put out material that will really want to make people party and rock out. I’m excited for that day to come. 
3 out of 5 skulls. 



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