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Fat Mike Of NOFX Reveals The Truth About The Patron Incident At SXSW

So I thought this would be funny to share. This year’s past SXSW featured a unique performance by frontman Fat Mike of NoFX who went on stage as his alter ego Cokie The Clown. Fat Mike shared intimate experiences he went through growing up. The stories were in between acoustic songs he performed touching on subjects such as his mother’s death and a friend’s suicide. When the show started he poured out shots of Patron and passed them out to the crowd and took one himself. The show was filmed and at the end of it the TV monitor that was onstage had a video played of Fat Mike pissing in the Patron bottle. Well that was just a silly joke, he actually switched the bottles before coming out on stage. Watch the video below to see the truth.

Read past the break for the official video for the single “Cokie The Clown”



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