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Top 10 Horror Movies: Jean Saiz of Shroud Eater

Recently, Bloody-Disgusting ran an interview with Jean Saiz, guitarist and vocalist of Miami, Florida stoner/noise rock band Shroud Eater. Jean was kind enough to send us a list of her Top 10 favorite horror films and I have to say that this woman knows her stuff! This is a list for lovers of some of the great classic films as well as some of the lesser known stuff. Check inside to see if your favorite is on the list!

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1. The Exorcist
This classic still freaks me out. As you are about to find out, I like my horror movies on the satanic side, and it doesn’t get nastier than this. Linda Blair is insanely good – she was like 13 years old or something when this was filmed, and her performance is incredible. 
2. The Omen 
“I did it for YOU, Damien! All for you!” The story of Damien Thorn, demon-child and aspiring anti-christ. Great movie, love Gregory Peck in it. The score is fucking amazing – the latin chant is embedded permanently in my brain, “sanguis bibimus!”
3. The Shining 
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Jack Nicholson is brilliant – I can’t walk into a hotel with long hallways and not get immediate flashbacks to rivers of blood and freaky twin-sisters. I love Stanley Kubrick’s work, the surreal imagery in this one’s great, and an excellent portrayal of a man’s descent into madness.
4. Rosemary’s Baby
Another great one in the demon-child vein. A secret coven of witches in New York are waiting for Mia Farrow’s satanic love-child. Suspenseful and chilling with minimal gore or violence, great intense plot supported by impeccable acting. 
5. Suspiria
The first Argento film I saw – his use of super vivid colors and intricate, elaborate murders are his signature style. Nightmarish and bizarre – much like the rest of his body of work.
6. Poltergeist
I was very young when I first saw this. The plot and eccentric cast of characters makes it a classic.
7. Hour of the Wolf
Ingmar Bergman’s signature style on this black & white psychological and supernatural slow-burner. It’s scary in a sombre, hallucinatory way. The scenes vary from the stark to the grotesquely grandiose – the cast of bizarre supernatural people/creatures take you to the depths of self-inflicted insanity – powerful.
8. Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Classic gorey exploitation. Super violent deaths, deranged cannibals mockingly living out a typical family dinner – this is shit that fucks your head. A real classic with an incredible legacy.
9. Evil Dead
You can’t get any better than having a tree-demon rape a soon-to-be flesh eating zombie. Bruce Campbell’s Ash is a great character, the gore is hilarious, and just when you think your hero has prevailed, you’re left with the abrupt horror of his screams as he’s consumed by darkness. Brutal.
10. Blood Feast
Herschel Gordon Lewis’ so-bad-it’s-good gore-fest. This isn’t about good acting, good story, or good effects – it’s simply an absurdly fun romp through buckets-of-blood style campy film making. The film’s based in Miami, and the machete-wielding murderer carries a book called “Ancient Weird Religious Rituals”. There’s “nothing more appalling in the annals of horror!”



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