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Son of Aurelius To Release Deluxe Edition of ‘The Farthest Reaches’

Son of Aurelius are pleased to announce the release of a deluxe edition of their recent Good Fight Music debut, The Farthest Reaches, set to include 5 brand new, never before heard tracks. This ‘digital only’ release, as well as the individual tracks, will be available starting July 6th, 2010, with a special low pricing of $9.99.
Make sure to head over to at 2pm EST today to preview two of the new tracks, ‘Slaughter the Immortals’ and ‘Feast of Feminine Flesh’. MetalSucks describes the tracks as, “techier, tighter, heavier, catchier, and just generally more betterer. If the band has come this far just since April, can you imagine what they’ll sound like in six months, a year, five years? We are so excited for the future of SON OF AURELIUS, we can’t even tell you.”

Son of Aurelius’ new material picks up where the band left off on The Farthest Reaches with their progressive mix of blazing technical death metal, while showcasing a strong sense of development and cohesiveness in their songwriting. These new songs are a clear indication that Son of Aurelius is distinguishing themselves and taking their place amongst the leaders of a new generation of extreme metal bands.
Son of Aurelius’ The Farthest Reaches Deluxe:
1. They Have Fallen
2. Slaughter The Immortals
3. Throne of Broken Gods
4. Feast of Feminine Flesh
5. Divine Are Slain
Son of Aurelius’ The Farthest Reaches, was released on April 13th, 2010. Fans and journalists alike have been raving about The Farthest Reaches. The album is hailed by leading metal blog MetalSucks, as “…one of the strongest releases of the Spring, and possibly the year.” TheNewReview claims, “If you were to place bets on what bands will be taking over the metal world in five years, then bet big on Son of Aurelius.”



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