Album Review: Early Graves 'Goner' - Bloody Disgusting
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Album Review: Early Graves ‘Goner’



Do you like old school heavy metal? Do you like old school punk rock? Would it warm the cockles of your heart if those two genres were combined into one? Well then, my dear reader, look no further as Early Graves have released an album that will suit your tastes entirely: ‘Goner’. This album exudes classic heavy metal with serious punk overtones and an aggressive, balls-out attitude that will make you reach for something just so you can throw it. Read after the jump for the full rundown.


The album starts off with the title track, ‘Goner’, which is a perfect example how Early Graves is melding heavy metal with punk. Set to a frantic pace, there is an unbridled chaotic energy to this song that makes you realize that these guys must have been REALLY pissed off when they wrote this. Honestly, I don’t know what they’re upset about, as I can’t understand a word the singer is saying. But I’m sure that it must be something really important. Oh, and the use of guitar feedback as a part of the song? Get used to that, it happens a lot more throughout the album.
The production of this album is pretty awful. However, having said that, there is a sense of nostalgia as this album sounds like something that you got from your friend back in the day on cassette. You blasted it in your garage, wearing that always cool jeans jacket with band patches sewed on while jumping around, ignoring your parents yelling at you to ‘Turn that racket down!’ The guitars have a very raw, edgy sound and feedback cuts through all the time. The bass is rarely heard but the presence is definitely there. The drums, unrefined and unpolished, sound like something that was recorded in the garage and the vocals are a bit low in the mix and are practically unintelligible. Having said all that, there is a certain charm and nostalgia to the sound quality. It’s a throwback to what I used to hear 20-some years ago. 
Overall, this is an album that doesn’t fuck around: The majority of the songs are two and a half minutes or under and they all have the same passion and intensity to them. However, even with all of that, this album just did nothing for me. I neither disliked it nor liked it: I was completely blasé during the several times I spun it. 
Overall 2.5 out of 5


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