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Top 10 Horror Movies: Jon Dobyns of Twitch The Ripper

Jon Dobyns of the electronic band Twitch The Ripper has sent us his Top 10 Horror Films and, well, all I can say is wow! This is a true horror fan that has some very obscure and very important picks listed below. Make sure to check out their website to hear stream two songs off of their upcoming debut LP ‘Bodiless’. The album does not have an official release date yet but expect it later this year, sometime in the fall. You can also sign up to receive a FREE sampler from the band. The sampler has two songs off of the ‘Bodiless’ LP and 15 lucky packages will contain a free Twitch The Ripper t-shirt! Honestly, how can you go wrong? No matter what, you get free stuff. Gotta love it. But anyways, make sure to check after the jump for this incredible Top 10 Horror Movie list from Jon Dobyns of Twitch The Ripper!


1) Freaks
It’s hard to choose an all time favorite film, but if I had to I’d choose Tod Browning’s “Freaks”. Nothing is scarier than real life horror. A true, classic exploitation film from 1932 that uses real circus folk. I’m sure the cinematography and the era add to its genuine creepiness, but you can’t deny the long lasting effect it has left. The scene at the wedding ceremony when they try initiating Cleopatra is completely unsettling. I love this movie so much, TTR made a shirt based on what they did to Cleopatra as they turned her into half duck.
2) Buio Omega
One of my all time favorite horror films, also known as Beyond The Darkness. We’ve watched this film at rehearsal and during studio sessions hundreds of times. The story of a taxidermist and his wife is secretly killed by his crazy housekeeper. This is a movie you have to see. There is one scene where he is in bed with a woman, and he lifts up the covers on the other bed to make his wife visible, to stare at her ( he dug up his wife after her burial, drained her body of her organs and keeps her in the house ). And he and his house keeper chop up someone and throw them in an acid bath!
3) Frankenstein
Not just one of the best horror films, one of the best films in cinema. The scene where the Frankenstein monster picks up the little girl, throws her in the pond as if she would float like a flower, then kills her, still holds an immense amount of power.
4) Black Sunday
The Mario Bava movie. Black Sunday is nothing short of a masterpiece. This is my comfort movie. The gothic airiness that was captured on this film will never be replicated.
5) Blood And Black Lace
I love giallos, and this is the giallo. Mario Bava has an amazing eye for color, whether it be the brilliant lighting or the clothing on all 60’s models. This is a stylish masterpiece. I would love to recreate the tub scene for a video one day.
6) The Howling
Picking my favorite werewolf movie was difficult. The Wolfman and An American Werewolf in London are both timeless in my eyes, but I will have to go with The Howling. I prefer the dark, brooding atmosphere and it has Dee Wallace and Tom Atkins! Top notch transformation for the time, and it has a great story with the underground community of wolves trying to co exist. If you disagree, then go watch Teen Wolf on ABC Family.
7) Maniac
If you haven’t seen this film, go buy it right now from Tom Savini does all make up and special effects so you know what you are getting into. This movie has the infamous shotgun to face explosion scene. Stellar acting job by Joe Spinell. He plays a creep better than anyone. Taking the scalps from his victims and putting them on his mannequins, and speaks to them as if they were his mother.  Just buy it and thank me later.
8) Tenebrae
One of my favorite giallos. I know when Argento Fans talk about their favorite films it’s either Deep Red or Suspiria, but I choose Tenebrae.  Great trick ending and personally think it’s his most violent, gory film. This movie poster was also a TTR shirt at one time. Did I mention John Saxon is one of the stars?
9) A Blade in The Dark
By far the best Lamberto Bava film. There is something about the atmosphere in this movie that makes me feel uneasy after it has ended. The bathroom scene with the knife through the hand and the bag over the head is a work of art, even though those ideas were derived from his father.
10) House on the Edge of the Park
This movie is one of the most wild movies I have ever seen. You know Director Ruggero Deodato from Cannibal Holocaust, but I think House On The Edge Of The Park is more twisted. Actor David Hess steps up his maniacal duties and makes his performance in Last House on The Left seem PG. There are still I scenes that make me say, “Oh my god”. The great clothes, and music from the late 70’s/early 80’s atmosphere is an added plus.



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