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Album Review: The Locust ‘The Peel Sessions’

The Peel Sessions is one of the best things that can happen to a band or artist. John Peel recorded and captured some of the best moments in music. This moment is definitely rare and one to be proud of, I give you my review of The Locust’s Peel Session from almost 10 years ago.

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To me there is not one band out there that sounds like The Locust. They have managed to combine punk, hardcore, power violence, grind core and death metal, just to name a few genres, into a blender filled with knives. This session was recorded on August 19, 2001 and was caught during their time in between labels. At the time a few of the songs wouldn’t appear on record until the release of their 2003 album “Plague Soundscapes”.

A majority of this set comes from their self-titled EP as well as their self-titled LP and “Flight Of The Wounded Locust”. Songs such as “Twenty-Three Full-Time Cowboys” and “Kill Roger Hedgecock” are featured on the album but honestly it’s hard to point out just a few songs when they deliver such a harsh and brutal set. The whole session clocks in just under 17 minutes, which if you’re familiar with The Locust this comes as no surprise.

The Locust, along with their fans will tell you to get the full effect of their music one must go see them live. On stage they don’t have the standard drummer behind the band set up. Instead they have a single line formation going across the stage, almost like a military line. It’s definitely a sight not too mention they never miss a beat. I must say this session is a perfect representation of how intense The Locust are live and is definitely worth picking up.

Now I wouldn’t recommend this for a first time listener but give them a shot then check this live act out ’cause it really is incredible. As of now the album is available on vinyl and mp3 download. Now I made the mistake of purchasing the vinyl and then buying the mp3s via iTunes. Just a heads up you do get a digital download card of the album with the purchase of the vinyl. But I don’t regret it, they’re worth the cash.

5 out of 5 skulls.



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