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New Limp Bizkit Song ‘Walking Away’ Listen Here!

According to Metal Hammer Fred Durst has leaked the song “Walking Away” from their upcoming full length “Gold Cobra”. Listen to it, let me know what you think.

Read past the break for the lyrics to “Walking Away”.

down in a hole there are so many ways
to find yourself some light
it’ always  the miracles
keep waiting all you like
ain’t got no time to waste
i know the end is near
and if i run away
i’ll always end up here…
walking away
from the things i adore
telling the truth
for once i’m sure
it’s always a sign
when you feel yourself bleed
i’m walking away
from all i need
i can’t escape the tragedy
that always brings me down
if i could eliminate
those things that make me frown
take all the baggage
that follows me around
and just disintegrate
burn it to the ground
walking away…



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