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Top 10 Horror Rock Songs: Rod Usher of ‘The Other’

Yesterday Bloody-Disgusting broke the standard genre offerings of the music section by bringing you hip-hop artist Ill Bill’s Top 10 Horror Movie list. Today, we’re proud to bring you another in the popular ‘Top 10’ series by having Rod Usher, singer of the German horrorpunk band The Other, give us his Top 10 Horror Songs! Make sure you’ve got your iTunes account ready, as I’m thinking a bunch of your are gonna be buying some songs soon! Check after the jump to read the list!

The Other have a new album coming out Aug. 30th in the U.S. entitled ‘New Blood’ (those of you in Europe can already pick it up). You can hear their music on the Official The Other MySpace.

1. Bobby “Boris” Picket – “Monster Mash”
The mother of all Horror-Rock Songs and a standard at every Halloween-Party. The audio-version of Universal’s classic monster movies!
2. Screaming Lord Sutch – “Jack the Ripper”
You can’t go wrong with a guy who looks like Lon Chaney in “London after Midnight” and starts a political party which he calls “Offical Monster Raving Loony Party”. And yes, he did write some Horror-Rock classics, too, like “Jack the Ripper” or the equally cool “She’s fallen in love with a monster-man”.
3. Screamin’ Jay Hawkins – “I put a Spell on you”
Screaming Jay was a Voodoo-Wildman and the first Rock `n’ Roller to use skulls and coffins for his live-show. He was also a Sex-“Monster“ with at least 55 children.
4. Alice Cooper – “Teenage Frankenstein”
The king of Shock-Rock. There’s too many songs I could have picked by Alice for this list – “I love the Dead”, “Feed my Frankenstein”, “Price of Darkness” – but this is probably the coolest. Too bad he didn’t play it on the tour that THE OTHER supported him on.
5. KISS – “God of Thunder”
My favorite band of all time hasn’t written many horror-themed songs. But this Paul Stanley track became Gene Simmons’ signature song and a spooky Metal classic.
6. Misfits – “Astro Zombies”
Hard to choose a song from the band that wrote ONLY hits and combined Punk-Rock, Goth and scary looks in a way that had never been seen before. “Astro Zombies” features Danzig’s haunting vocals and the “ohhh ohhh”-chorus that became a standard for lots of Horror punk-bands.
7. The Cramps – “Human Fly”
RIP Lux Interior! 
8. Danzig – “Her black Wings”
The voice of Misfits and Samhain with a song from his best solo-album “Lucifuge”. 
9. The Damned – “Shadow of Love”
A romantic-gloomy track from The Damned’s goth-phase in the 80s that spawned such legendary albums like “Phantasmogoria” or “Strawberries”. Without The Misfits The Damned and The Cramps there would be no Horrorpunk-genre. These guys started it all!
10. GWAR – “Vlad the Impaler”
“Scumdogs of the Universe” is Gwar’s best album, every fan will agree with that. Oderus and his boys should stick with songs that have a catchy sing-along character, like ”Vlad the Impaler”, “Sick of you” or the track “Let us slay” from their newest album which sees the scum dogs back in form.



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