Warped Tour 2010 Interview: Sierra Kusterbeck & Blake Harnage Of VersaEmerge - Bloody Disgusting
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Warped Tour 2010 Interview: Sierra Kusterbeck & Blake Harnage Of VersaEmerge



For my second interview I got the distinct and random pleasure of sitting down with Sierra Kusterbeck & Blake Harnage of VersaEmerge right before they went on stage. Read past the break for my interview as well their video for “Fixed At Zero”.

SuperRadMike: So this is your guys’ second Warped Tour?

Sierra Kusterbeck: Yes, yes our second for sure.

SuperRadMike: And how has it been going this year?

Sierra Kusterbeck: Better than last year for us.

Blake Harnage: Yeah it’s going great so far. We’ve got a full length cd out now. We’re on a better stage this year and you can just tell we’ve earned a bigger following. You can just tell comparing the amount of people showing up between this year and last year it’s awesome.

SuperRadMike: How have things been since “Fixed At Zero” came out?

Sierra Kusterbeck: Amazing! It’s really cool seeing a lot of kids out there singing every word. And it’s just amazing to see, it’s kind of mind blowing.

Blake Harnage: It’s strange our CD came out two days before Warped Tour started and people know all of the songs now.

Sierra Kusterbeck: Yeah the reception for the album has been really good and positive, which what more can you ask for?

SuperRadMike: So when you’re done with Warped Tour are there any plans? Are you guys gonna chill out for a couple months or take a little break and get right back on the road?

Blake Harnage: We will for sure be doing a full U.S. tour in the fall.

SuperRadMike: Are you guys playing with anyone special?

Sierra Kusterbeck & Blake Harnage: (Whispers) Can’t tell you, it’s a secret.

SuperRadMike: Haha just like everyone else. Well thank you guys for your time and have an awesome show!

Sierra Kusterbeck & Blake Harnage: Thanks!


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