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My Latest Mix Issue 1

So, I’m gonna try a new article series for you readers where I post the track list of the latest mix CD that I made. I still don’t have an MP3 player aside from my Droid (never saw the use for one), so I still resort to making mixes for my car. 

There are two things I hope to get from this: 
1) I want a chance to show other styles of music that I listen to. I’m not ONLY a metalhead, y’know? I try to listen to all styles of music, from classical to jazz to metal to pop to electronica to traditional folk and everything in between. And this leads me to…
2) I hope that by doing this, many of you readers will find new artists to check out. What’s better than finding new music that you really enjoy? I love finding new artists to check out!
So, after the jump, you’ll find the track list of the latest mix CD I made (in the same order) along with a YouTube video (if there is one) for you to check out songs right away!
Make sure to leave a comment if you like or dislike this article idea. If you love this idea and are artistically inclined and want to create ‘My Latest Mix’ logo for following articles, send me a PM to my BD username: Phantasmagoria666. If your logo gets picked, you’ll definitely be credited!

1) Deadmau5 – Alone With You

2) Fort Minor – Remember The Name (feat. Styles of Beyond)

3) Aesop Rock – None Shall Pass

4) Air France – No Excuses

5) Death Cab For Cutie – Your Heart Is An Empty Room

6) Regina Spektor – Eet

7) X-Japan – I.V.

8) Waking – Restless

9) Karnivool – New Day

10) TesseracT – Deception (Concealing Fate Part 2)

11) Madder Mortem – The Flesh, The Blood & The Man

12) Kittie – Sorrow I Know

13) Devildriver – Swinging The Dead

14) Opeth – By The Pain I See In Others
Note: This does NOT include the last 3 or so minutes of the song that has the reveresed lyrics of ‘Master’s Apprentice’



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