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Exclusive Interview: Morgan and Mercedes Lander ‘Kittie’



Recently, I got the chance to catch up with sisters Morgan and Mercedes Lander of Kittie. Touring with Devildriver and Kataklysm, we spoke about touring, a new album and, of course, horror. Both Morgan and Mercedes are big horror fans, so make sure to check out the interview to see just how deep their passion lies!

Also, while at the show, I noticed an official Kittie shirt designed by horror artist Aaron Crawford (interview HERE). Heads up: He’ll be part of an art show called Night Of The Neon Creeps starting Friday, October 1st at Sky City in Augusta, Georgia. The art show will be running all of October. To stay on top of the details, follow Aaron on his Twitter.
Check out this sweet preview of one of his paintings featuring a horror icon we’ve all come to know and love (hint: One, two….)


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