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BD Exclusive: Sully Erna MySpace Playlist Description!



Recently, Sully Erna of Godsmack fame posted a MySpace EPlaylist of songs that shaped his musical upbringing and his styles of today. Unfortunately for MySpace (and fortunate for us), they didn’t allow any descriptions to be posted along with those songs. Well, Sully sent them on over to Bloody-Disgusting for all of you readers to check out after the jump!

Sully Erna’s solo project, ‘Avalon’, is now available on iTunes or in stores everywhere, so make sure to pick up a copy!
For more information on Sully’s solo project, check out his official MySpace or Facebook.


Direct from Sully Erna:

My Dad and the music that they [family] played in my basement when I was 3 years old was my first true inspiration to become a musician.  I was so small, I would fall asleep in the acoustic guitar cases listening to them play.  
1) Last Child (Aerosmith “Rocks”) was the first song I ever got stoned too when I was 13 years old, and it made me realize I wanted to be a ROCK STAR, not just a MUSICIAN.
2) Time (Pink Floyd “Dark Side of the Moon”) took me on my first journey into the feelings of music.  That whole album til this day is still a major inspiration to me and what I hope people can experience through my solo album.  The feeling of how music affects us emotionally and what a gift that truly is.
3) Victim of Changes (Judas Priest “Sad Wings of Destiny”).  This song blew my fucking mind when I heard it at my friend Sean’s house for the first time as a teenager. So loud and crystal clear.  The vocals were like nothing I had ever heard before, and the guitar solo blew my head off.  Absolute straight up POWER!!!
4) Metallica’s Creeping Death was my first real look at where metal was going and how insane it could be.  And how as musicians, myself and all my band members needed to start upping our game.  On my first listen, I HATED IT!!  I actually said to my friend John that brought it over, “WHAT IS THIS SHIT??”  but it only took me a couple more listens before I realized that this was the future and music was changing…. AND FAST!!  
5) Nobody’s Fault But Mine off Zeppelin’s “Presence” record was again another song that we would CRANK UP in our cars while we headed out to the local parties on a friday or saturday night.
Just amazing jamming in that song and a brilliant Harmonica solo.  Needless to say, Bonham was my first real drum teacher and is still my idol today.   Zeppelin forever!  
6) 2112 by Rush.  Talk about idols.  Is there anyone better and more tasteful than Neil Peart on the drums?  Go ahead and say Keith Moon and I’ll slap you!  Neil is king, period. He and Bonham molded me into the drummer I am today.  They’re top shelf, PERIOD!!
7) Bodies, Sex Pistols.  This song was so awesome to me that it made me completely forget about “heavy metal” in the 80’s.   And thank god for that.  As everyone else was going into the Hairspray and Glam Rock era, I was safe and sound inside the insanity of the punk rock world, where bands like Black Flag, Dead Kennedy’s and The Misfits, just to name a few, satisfied my craving for juvenile delinquency.  🙂
8) Would by Alice in Chains.  Another brilliant song that is short, gets right to the point and still today has one of the best chorus melodies I have ever heard.  I remember hearing that song and thinking,  “SHIT! I wish I wrote that one.”
9)  Dead Can Dance’s “Yulunga”.  The true inspiration behind all my hand drumming influences today.  This song also inspired pieces for me like VOODOO and SERENITY. And Lisa Gerrard is still my favorite female singe of all time.  There’s no way you can listen to this record and not find yourself getting lost in another world.  Again, beautiful music that takes you on a journey.  It’s an honor to have Dead Can Dance’s Niall Gregory with me on my solo project.  
10) AC/DC,  “Whole Lotta Rosie”  What a powerful straight forward rock song.  Uptempo, strong and right in your face.  Just like the way I like Godsmack to be.  No bullshit, just raw power and aggressive.  


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