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Exclusive: Saving Abel ‘Top 10 Horror Sex Scenes’!

Saving Abel has sent Bloody-Disgusting their Top 10 Horror Sex Scenes! Now, I personally feel that this is a great choice for a Top 10 as there are SO many scenes that one could pick from! How about the sex scene in the new Friday the 13th? I honestly haven’t laughed that hard in a theater for at least 10 years. However, Saving Abel has taken this concept and twisted it on it’s head Exorcist-style! Check after the jump for the exclusive list!

Saving Abel’s Top 10 List of Sex Scenes from Horror Movies
1. Rosemary’s Baby – Mia Farrow Raped by Satan. That’s pretty low, even for Satan.
2. American Psycho – Christian Bale has a threesome with two prostitutes to Phil Collins SU SU Sudio just before murdering them both. “Don’t just stand there… Eat it!” 
3. The Shining – Jack Nicolson and the Lady from the bath tub. Talk about pruning from staying in the tub to long. Sure she went from being a gorgeous young woman to a wrinkled old woman covered in mold but I’d still let her give me a BJ.
4. Evil Dead – A woman is raped by a tree. Talk about having a wood! DER, this is too easy.
5. The Exorcist – The little girl who is possessed by the devil masturbates with a crucifix…they grow up so fast..
6. Bundy – Ted has sex with a dead girl after smashing her head in with a big rock. Ted! You kidder!
7. Nightmare on Elm St. – After having sex and falling asleep, Freddy enters her dreams and makes her climb the walls.
8. Friday the 13th – Was littered with all kinds of sex…choose one.. I prefer the one with Kevin Bacon.
9. Halloween – After sex, dude walks down stairs to get a beer and gets his…
10. Return of the Living Dead – Hot goth chick gives a table dance on a tomb.
11. Last House on the Left – Well, maybe not.
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