Today SpookyDan had the opportunity to hit the editing bay with director Alex Aja to check out some footage from his latest horror film, Mirrors, which will be arriving this summer from 20th Century Fox. While chatting with the French phenom, Spooky had the change to talk a bit about Aja’s next pic, Piranha 3-D, which he really talks highly about. Read on for the skinny.
Shooting this fall is the big budget adaptation of PIRANHA for the Weinstein Company. Set to be lensed in Lake Havasu, Aja talked with us about how bloody- and fun – the remake will be. “PIRANHA is going to be SUPER GORY,” Aja tells Bloody-Disgusting. “I think we can do something really scary and fun at the same time.

Aja also elaborated a bit on the plot for the film, which is a remake of the classic ’70s Roger Corman movie. “The subject and plot is very simple, an earthquake releases prehistoric piranha into a lake at spring break time. It’s really about fish killing stupid drunk college kids. Yes it’s fun, it’s like revenge of the piranha, and they mess with nature and nature fights back. While staying within a tense, scary and horrific situation. It’s the opposite of MIRRORS.

The script had gone through a few iterations before Aja agreed to move forward on it, mainly because it would be shot in 3-D! Aja explains where the inspiration came from. “We were on the set of P2 talking about how excited we all were for AVATAR, when we started talking about how a true R-rated horror film in 3-D would be the ultimate experience, and immersion into a nightmare. We are hoping to use the same company that AVATAR is using to get the best possible 3-D around, and then using a combination of CGI practical and live effects to make it not look like a cartoon and fake. We are doing this on a big budget, the biggest we have ever had, and it’s going to be a fun ride.

In the end Aja was a little disappointed that he couldn’t be the first to do it. “We were hoping to be the first full blown 3-D horror film, but FINAL DESTINATION 4 is coming first. I sincerely hope that they make the mistake of releasing it as PG-13.

MIRRORS hits theaters August 15.