‘Monster Zoo’ Creator Talks Inspirations

Today a new interview was posted with Doug TenNapel, writer and illustrator of Image Comics’ graphic novel Monster Zoo, which was recenty acquired for feature film adaptation by Sam Raimi over at Paramount Pictures. In the interview, TenNapel chatted a bit about the development of the book and his inspirations for it – I can only hope Raimi feels the same. Read on for the skinny.
I’m a huge fan of 1980s Amblin movies, so I set out to pay proper tribute to Gremlins, The Goonies and Jurassic Park. Monster Zoo is what came out,” TenNapel tells Comic Book Resources. “I just see it as adventure. It is child-friendly in that there isn’t going to be imagery that would scar or jade a kid. It’s supposed to still be scary for all ages, but I don’t have to go into Saw territory to do that if I do my job right.

He also explains how personal the story is to him. “The core of the story is actually really personal. It’s about the heroism that youth is capable of. Now, the vehicle of the hero is that he is an animal-lover. There’s also a bit of a tribute to our heroic troops.

The action-adventure story is set in motion when an ancient idol is unearthed and transported to a zoo in the U.S. There, the idol’s spirit awakens and starts to mutate the caged animals. A group of teenagers must band together to try to stop the idol and the evil from destroying the world.

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Source: CBR