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Album Review: Motorhead ‘The World Is Yours’

Motorhead is in many ways the runt of the Metallica/Megadeth/Anthrax litter. Though not thrash metal by any means, Motorhead still had the raw energy and attitude of aforementioned bands and was, at least back in the day, as recognizable a name. However, aside from a few big hits, they fell to the wayside as the rest of the pack went on to bigger and better things. But that doesn’t mean that Motorhead has lost any of its tenacity or drive to keep on keeping on. So with that, they have released their latest album, ‘The World Is Yours’. How does it fare? Check after the jump for all the details.


The album kicks off with ‘Born To Lose’, which starts off heavy and awesome, in a man-I-wish-I-knew-where-my-jeans-jacket-is kind of way. It’s identifiably Motorhead and hearing Lemmy belt it out is pretty nostalgic in its own way. The issue I have with this track is that many of the riffs and progressions are so overused that I found myself getting distracted trying to remember how many songs I’d heard them in. Still, it’s a fun track.
The rest of the album, however, doesn’t know which direction it wants to go in. Is it classic heavy metal? Is it hard rock? Is it country/southern heavy rock? That’s the major issue with ‘The World Is Yours’: It shoots up high but doesn’t know where to land. It makes for a somewhat frustrating listening experience because I would get into a musical style only to have it switched on me with the next track. 
The production is overall really solid. The guitars have a great overdrive/distortion tone going on that’s really articulate and Lemmy’s bass sounds thick, clear and round-bottomed (Just how I like my women. Wait, clear?). Lemmy’s voice hasn’t changed at all and if you dug his snarling intense delivery before, you’ll love it here. The only complaint I have with the production is that the drums, while really well mixed and engineered, just don’t have any ‘oomph’ behind them. Basically put, they sound kinda wimpy. 
The Final Word: A mix of classic heavy metal, hard rock and southern rock, ‘The World Is Yours’ suffers from not knowing which genre to focus on the hardest. Meandering here and there, the best I can say of ‘The World Is Yours’ is that it sounds great and a couple of the songs will get you pumped. But definitely not the whole album. 



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