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Top 10 Horror Movies: Dan Wieten of ‘The Omega Experiment’

Bloody-Disgusting has scored yet another awesome Top 10 Horror Movie list for you. This time, we’ve got Dan Wieten of The Omega Experiment giving us his top picks. I’m pretty impressed with the list as it’s a good mix of the classics and unusual picks. You can check it out after the jump to see if your tastes coincide.

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1. An American Werewolf in London– I was 6 in 1983 when this premiered on regular cable, and every second of it terrified me, most of all the dream scene in the woods where David awakens as a vampire. Every time I heard the “Blue Moon” song in the intro from that point on, I would scream at my mother to turn the channel.
2. The Exorcist 3– I remember seeing previews for this and it was not yet rated, so being the dumb kid I was, I thought it meant because it was too harsh. Well, it was still scary as shit. The eyes man….the eyes. Killer vibe too.
3. A Nightmare on Elm Street 3– Not too scary, but goddamn hilarious. Sometimes, the humor factor is a must for a great horror film, depending on vibe. There were just too many good one-liners in this one. Welcome to prime time BITCH!
4. Halloween– How many horror films can you say terrify you without the use of effects, blood, or guts? There aren’t many, but Halloween managed to creep you out with suspense, and music. A true feat.
5. Aliens– More Sci-horror, but still a classic. I loved the military aspect of this film. My cousin and I used to quote this word for word. Apone was the best. But yeah, great special effects, great scare factor.
Dan Wieten
6. The Exorcist– Man, I’m glad I was young when I first saw this. I like 3 better for some reason, maybe because it doesn’t drag on as much, but this is still a classic. The demonic and supernatural aspects of this movie really drew me in. I think this movie was responsible for my fascination with satan as a kid. That and Slayer.
7. Event Horizon– Is this horror? Because it sure scared the piss out of me when I saw it in the theater. It was SO LOUD in there. And, this movie was big on the silent/loud suspense dichotomy. The part where they watch the ship’s video log and see the ship basically enter hell…I was sold. 
8. Hellraiser 2: Hellbound– It doesn’t get any better than Pinhead. Also, the cenobytes are pretty rad. I liked the concept of the box. This movie went a little deeper, where alot of horror movies are afraid to go. I enjoyed the back story as well. Awesome.
9. Texas Chainsaw Massacre– I have a huge serial killer fascination, and this story is loosely based on a few faves of mine. Nothing is creepier than the crazy inbred redneck family…and all the possibilities that lie beyond the doors of their homes. And most of it was set in the daytime! Almost makes it creepier…
10. Children of the Corn– Again with the evil. Always makes for a better horror film. And kids, at that. I read tons of Stephen King as a child and teenager. His stories always resonated with me. I know this was originally a short story, but I never read it. The movie is awesome enough. 



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