Album Review: Hopsin 'Raw' - Bloody Disgusting
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Album Review: Hopsin ‘Raw’



Usually I’m pretty up to date with the underground scene but somehow underground Cali artist Hopsin fell under even my radar till now. The CD is titled ‘Raw’ and that says it all. Check out the review after the jump.


The CD starts really strong with the track ‘Hot 16’s’. This track really showcases his verbal skills and lets you know what Hopsin is all about. Lyrics like “Yea I’ll hit it but if she don’t wanna pay me skrilla I’ll let a Rottweiler fuck her till the rabies kills her” is about as hardcore as you can get and really lets you know what kind of CD you’re in for. Track two, ‘Sag My Pants’, is a single off this CD and pretty much a song where he vents out on anyone and everyone. It’s a very simple beat with verbal attacks at some mainstream artists a lot of other rappers would be afraid to attack. The only difference is he has the mic skills to do it. The track ‘You Are My Enemy’ is a lyrically deep song, but the hook reminds me of a South Park skit and makes it a little hard to take seriously. The track ‘I Can’t Decide’ is some of the best story telling I have heard since Eminem and Dr Dre’s ‘Guilty Conscience’. The picture he paints is so clear you can easily picture this as a short film. The tracks ‘How You Like Me Now’ and ‘Blood Energy Potion’ each showcase the speed skills Hopsin possesses. Perhaps not comparable to Twista, but an impressive speed nonetheless. This brings us to the most horrorcore track on the album, ‘Kill Her’. This is a straight attack at his former record label. This is personally my favorite track because of the intensity and anger you hear in his voice. Lastly, there are the tracks ‘I Am Raw’, ‘Where Will I Go Now’, ‘Pillowman’, and ‘Nocturnal Rainbow’. They all show a deeper side of Hopsin. Each one its own story of struggle and life spread throughout the CD, giving it some dimension.
If you like what you read, then check out for ordering info and tour dates. I’ll be at the Chicago show April 9th so don’t be afraid to buy me a drink.


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