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Check Out The Orphan Killer OST

The Orphan Killer is now available to purchase as a Blu-Ray/soundtrack or DVD/soundtrack option on Facebook. I’m not too sure about the movie, but the soundtrack has some good artists on there! Check out the track list after the jump.


1. First Blood – ‘First Blood’
2. Affiance – ‘Nostra Culpa’
3. Asking Alexandria – ‘Someone, Somewhere’
4. Deception of a Ghost – ‘These Voices’
5. Anew Revolution – ‘Head Against the Wall’
6. This or the Apocalypse – ‘Charmer’
7. Most Precious Blood – ‘A Danger to Myself and Others’
8. A Bullet for a Pretty Boy – ‘The Deceiver’
9. Dawn of Ashes – ‘Seething the Flesh in the River of Phlegethon’
10. First Blood – ‘Conflict’
11. Born of Osiris – ‘Follow the Signs’
12. No Bragging Rights – ‘Death of an Era’
13. First Blood – ‘Execution’



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