David Ellis’ ‘Asylum’ DVD Art

The doctor is in and he’s thirsty for young blood. MGM Home Entertainment presents the gruesome slasher film Asylum premiering on DVD July 15th. Directed by up-and-coming horror filmmaker David R. Ellis (Final Destination 2, Cellular), Asylum is “Ellis’ most shocking film to date!”, and will be available exclusively on DVD. Asylum follows a group of six freshman college students as they uncover dark hidden secrets of their new dormitory and features a sexy group of young up-and-comers, including the beautiful Sarah Roemer (Disturbia, The Grudge 2), Travis Van Winkle (Transformers), Jake Muxworthy (I Heart Huckabees, Borderland), Cody Kasch (“Desperate Housewives”) and Carolina Garcia (Supercross).
Once an infamous mental institution where a demented doctor performed tortuous experiments on his teenage patients, the students find themselves trapped in their dorm, looking for an escape as the ghost of the deranged psychiatrist begins treating them with his crude lobotomy practices.