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Album Review: Evergrey ‘Glorious Collision’

After suffering a massive line-up change, many wondered what would become of Evergrey. Losing three of five members has to take a toll, no matter who you are. And yet, Evergrey are releasing their eighth studio album, ‘Glorious Collision, tomorrow. So, the question lingers: what did the line-up change do to the sound of Evergrey? Check after the jump to see if this progressive symphonic metal act still has the same impact and power.


The album opens up with ‘Leave It Behind’, starting with a beautiful, yet mellow choir before slamming into the intensity we’ve come to expect from Evergrey. On top of being an incredibly satisfying transition, the main aspect that stands out is the impeccable mixing and production. This song sounds damn good and the quality persists through the entirety of the album. This alone would make the album a joy to listen to. Thankfully, Evergrey also give an album full of solid songs that are sure to get any metalhead pumped up.
The production of the album is gorgeous. The vocal harmonies are spacious and breathtaking, the instruments sound rich, thick and are wonderfully articulate and the extra flourishes add dimensions that make this an album that demands repeated listens. 
After such a change in band dynamics, I myself was seriously wondering if Evergrey could put out an album that hit me as hard as ‘Recreation Day’ had. Well, my worries have been put aside and I can safely say that this will rank among the finest Evergrey albums, if not in the top releases this year.
The Final Word: Do you like Evergrey? If your answer is yes, then buy this album, no questions. ‘Glorious Collision’ starts 2011 off with a kick in the ass and a punch to the face. This is symphonic dark metal done to near perfection.
Check out: ‘Leave It Behind’, ‘Frozen’ and ‘Out Of Reach’.



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