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Society 1 Back After Five Years



Society 1, the industrial rock/metal band from Hollywood, are back after a five year hiatus with their new single, ‘I Got You’. You can check out the official video (directed by singer Lord Zane) below. The movements of the band members in the video remind me of Jeffrey Comb’s character as Dr. Vannacutt from the House On Haunted Hill remake. You can order the track from iTunes by going to Society 1’s Official Facebook page

Society 1 will be releasing a new song accompanied by a music video every six to eight weeks. The first few videos will be directed by Lord Zane, who will choose up and coming filmmakers to collaborate with on the remaining videos.

If you want to check out something completely badass though, watch this video. It’s Society 1 at the Download Festival Body Suspension show (which they were nominated for Best Live Act). Now, I’ve never done anything like that but I have friends who are into the scene and this impresses the hell out of me.

Society 1’s last major release was ‘The Sound That Ends Creation’, which came out in 2005 on Earache Records. 

Society 1 is:

Lord Zane – Vocalist
Billie Stevens (Wank, Handsome Devil) – Guitars
Dirt Von Karloff – Bass
Preston Nash (Dope, Primer 55, The Color Red) – Drums


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