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Exclusive Interview: Brotha Lynch Hung Talks The ‘Coathanga Strangla’ Trilogy

Bloody-Disgusting has scored an exclusive interview with one of the original horrorcore rappers, Brotha Lynch Hung. Lynch’s Coathanga Strangla, the second album in the Coathanga Strangla trilogy, comes out April 5th. The first album was Dinner And A Movie and the third album is entitled Mannibal Lecter.


After the jump, you can read about where the concept came from, what horror means to Lynch, what video games he’s into and, of course, some of his favorite horror movies.

How’s it going?
What’s up man. Just saw the website this morning and I love it!
Yeah? Glad to hear that! Hope you become a repeat visitor.
Yeah, yeah! I will be now!
Coathanga Strangla is about to come out and it’s the second album in your Coathanga Strangla trilogy. Where did this concept come from and where do you hope to take it?
Well, the concepts come from me being a young kid and always loving horror movies. I’m an only child so I used to watch horror movies in my room by myself all the time. And I’ve been watching them all the way up to now. And I hope to take it to where I’m writing screenplays. I’m writing some screenplays right now and I hope to get those noticed later on in life. That would be my second career choice.
I had heard that you’re an avid screenwriter, which makes me wonder if the story of the Coathanga Strangla was originally written out as a movie or as this trilogy concept album?
Well, it was originally planned as a trilogy concept album. When I first signed with Strange (Music), I came at they with that whole concept and they decided to sign me for three albums, so I could do just that. If you don’t know already, we’re doing nine videos: three per album. I have three out for ‘Dinner And A Movie’ and have just completed the three for the ‘Coathanga (Strangla)’ album and it’ll be three for the ‘Mannibal Lecter’ album, once I get done recording that one.
Yeah, I heard about those videos. What intrigued me is that supposedly each video connects to the previous one, making it so that, in the end, all nine videos will be a short movie.
Right! Yeah, and they’re coming out beautiful. Strange is doing a real good job of connecting that for me. Basically, I just do the rapping and set up the storyline of my three albums and they’re doing an excellent job.
Is the story of the Coathanga Strangla completely written out or does it continue to grow and develop in your mind?
Well it’s matching the album, so since I’m going to be writing ‘Mannibal Lecter’ now I’m still stretching it out in my mind.
Now, since you’ve been officially in the music scene since ’93 with the release of ’24 Deep’, you’ve seen not only a lot of change in the music industry and in musical styles, but also in horror and how horror is portrayed in mass media. Do you feel that your music was affected by all these changes or at least influenced by it?
I hope so! I never really considered myself to be a horrorcore rapper. I gave myself a title 15 years ago called ‘rip gut’ but the horror community really accepts me. And I love to be accepted. And I hope my stuff is good, to answer your question. And I love that genre!
What is it about horror that appeals to you?
Well, with me it all starts with meat. I love meat, and I’d probably try any meat that somebody prepared for me. And it started from there and that’s why I called it ‘rip gut’, you know, ‘rip guy’ cannibalism type of rap. But since they accepted me, I started listening to the Esham’s and other artists just recently and I’m thinking, “Wow, I’m not the only one out here talking like this on my music.”
What about horror films and the horror genre? How does that appeal to you?
Pretty much the creativity that goes into it. It’s not the movie that goes “Boo!”, it’s more of a movie that could happen in real life. Movies like Hostel and stuff like that, THAT turns me on. It’s not so much the Friday the 13ths and movies like that. It’s the intenseness and that’s how I like it in my music, y’know? Stuff that really could happen.
Now, I also hear that you’re a big video game fan. What types of games are you into?
I play a lot of Madden, Fight Night, 2K and also golf. Golf is relaxing for me. And you know I gotta play the CoD. To me, I’m one of the best killers in Call of Duty.
What are some of your favorite horror movies?
I love Hostel. You know I gotta love Saw. And one of my favorites that’s old school, even though I love the new school one, is the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The best thing I like about that movie is the yelling sound of Leatherface, which creeped me out when I was younger. I like the newer stuff but it’s the older stuff…I guess I was younger and more subject to belief and it all kinda spooked me.
Do you remember the first horror movie you’ve seen?
It’s gonna be crazy because everyone I tell says they’ve never heard about it. Have you heard of Salem’s Lot?
Oh yeah! Of course!
That is the first movie that scared the hell out of me. I was watching it by myself and I love that movie! I actually gotta try and find that.
Awesome! Well, Lynch, thanks so much for taking some time to chat with me and I wish you the best of luck with ‘Coathanga Strangla’ and ‘Mannibal Lecter’!
Thanks man! Thanks for having me and please tell all the readers that I really appreciate them and that I plan on giving them a hell of lot in the future.

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