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Exclusive Top 10: Lord Zane Of Society 1 Picks His Favorite Horror Movies



Society 1 vocalist Lord Zane has sent Bloody-Disgusting his Top 10 horror movies and they make a damn good list! Some are classics and some are cult favorites, but they’re all great flicks. Check out the list after the jump.

Society 1 has recently returned to the music scene after a five year hiatus with a new album entitled, ‘The Lonely God‘. The songs will be released individually via digital channels with an accompanying music video every six to eight weeks. Follow their Facebook for up-to-date information about these releases.

1. Dawn Of The Dead (Original)
The first time I saw this my Mother shut it off after the first five minutes and told me it was to intense for me to watch. At the time she was right. I dreamed of the day I could actually watch the entire film and when I finally could it didn’t disappoint! One of the most intelligent and entertaining horror movies of all time. I bring it on tour with me and show anyone who has never seen it. 
2. Angel Heart
This is the most Satanic horror movies of all time. This movie is pure evil. Alan Parker at his peak. Robert Deniro as Louis Cypher? Come on it doesn’t get any better. I loved this movie so much I sampled sound clips and inserted them through out my live show for years. The greatest line ever…”The gods got you pregnant? I’m sorry.” Lisa Bonnet answers, “I’m not, it was the best fuck I ever had.” Then she has sex in blood with her father. Are you kidding me? 
3. Day Of The Dead (Original)
This is one of the movies that really makes you feel what it would be like after a few years of a Zombie Apocalypse. It is so underrated  as far as a Zombie flick. Perhaps it had to much social commentary or focus on human interaction but all that goes to hell in the end anyway leading up to the classic shot of the army guy getting his head pulled off and screaming higher  and higher in pitch as his vocals chords are stretched. 
4. Exorcist (Original extended version)
Will this movie ever be topped in terms of an exorcism movie? A pre pubescent girl stabbing herself in the crotch with a crucifix while screaming fuck jesus. If that wasn’t enough she forces her mothers head between her legs and tells her to “lick bitch”. Enough said.
5. Reanimator
I love the end when the doctor has his head cut off and all he can think to do is abduct his colleagues daughter, tie her down and then lift up his decapitated head and attempt oral sex on her. Yeah I believe that’s what most of us would do.
6. Evil Dead 2
Their are just to many great things about this movie to mention. Ever notice the shape of the necklace when it is dropped on the floor? Bruce Campbell is the man. 
7. Rosemary’s Baby
Just a classic. I like it when Satan rapes girls. You know they wanted it. (Take it easy people. I’m joking around)
8. Jacob’s Ladder
The party scene where the girls is dancing and then it turns heavy is really hot. You get into it then that horn pierces through her mouth from the inside. How big was it? Think about it. If it was going in one end and coming out the other….
9. In The Mouth Of Madness 
I just love how this movie unfolds into the end of the world. Starts as a simple insurance case and ends with chaos. I really enjoy the journey.
10. The Return Of The Living Dead
My bass player Dirt pointed out to me that Zombies ran in this movie about 20 years before 28 Days Later. It was ahead of its time. 


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