Michael Myers Back into the Fold?

Clint over at Moviehole found an interview with Ronny Yu promoting the just released Freddy vs Jason DVD online, and it has got some big news. The rumors have been flaring for months now, ever since Freddy vs Jason made over 80 million at the box office. What’s next? Well Yu implies that Michael Myers is an option, didn’t deny Ash, and says that no matter what, they need someone other than just Freddy and Jason in the mix. Read on for the juicy scoop.
For the full interview, head on over to About.com. Here’s the big scoop:

“Are you signed for the next Freddy vs. Jason?

Not yet, but I’m all excited to read the script. Hopefully they have a script real soon and hopefully I’ll love the script and then we have another good, fun experience.

What do you think of bringing in Ash from Evil Dead?

Yeah, that is cool. Especially in all those Sam Raimi movies. I think it would be good if we can add another one, like another icon, like maybe Michael Myers or somebody.

You want four fighters?

Yeah, the more the merrier.

Can get Michael with all the studios involved?

I think that is going to be a long and winding process, but I’m just saying from the audience point of view, from the fans point of view. In Freddy vs. Jason 2, you have to have some sort of dynamic elements in it that sort of makes audiences jump and say, “Yeah, I want to see these guys fight those guys.

After the time it took for this one, is there any way to speed up development?

I think it all depends on the studios. One thing I learned about Hollywood is really it’s up to the studio how fast and how slow. They really do all the driving.

Source: About.com