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Original: Ten Awesome TV Show Theme Songs

Television shows are an amazing thing, if you find a good one that is. We find a series we enjoy and it becomes a part of our lives. We connect with the characters, we hope our fears don’t come true and we follow the story closely. Just look at the people who followed Lost to a near religious craze. Or what about todays ‘Gleeks’? There is something about a well made TV show that lures people in and becomes something we talk about with our friends for hours. 

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One of my favorite parts of a good TV show is hearing a great theme, one that symbolizes all the things that I expect from the next 30-60 minutes. So, after hearing some great ones over the past several weeks, I put together a list of 10 Awesome TV Show Themes, which you can check after the jump. Heads up, not all of them are horror related, but they are all badass!

1) Twin Peaks
Twin Peaks is easily one of my favorite TV shows ever. The mystery of who killed Laura Palmer, the likable characters, the atmosphere of the town and the surreal storyline all make for one of the most addictive shows I’ve seen. 
The music for the intro is perfect for setting up the mood in that it’s ethereal, sublime and slightly depressing, all themes and emotions that arise during the series. Also, Angelo Badalamenti is a fantastic composer, so kudos have to be given there.
2) Ren And Stimpy
Talk about one of the most twisted cartoon shows on TV. Ren and Stimpy featured some of the most grotesque imagery and some of the most adult innuendos possible on a kids show. My personal favorite episodes are ‘Ren’s Toothache’ and ‘Rubber Nipple Salesmen’.
The theme to this show was as disjointed and crazy as the episodes you were about to watch. It was fast and frenzied but also lighthearted and carefree, much like the lives of our beloved heros. 
3) Twilight Zone
This list would not be complete without this classic. The impact of The Twilight Zone can probably never be fully understood. It’s doubtful that shows such as Lost, Twin Peaks, Flash Forward, and a great deal more, would ever have been successful had it not been for Rod Serling’s sci-fi/horror masterpiece.
The music here is unsettling and mysterious. Those feelings are only compounded by Serling’s opening monologue, which only heightens the suspense, causing watchers to fearfully dare to ask, “What will happen this time?” An absolute classic.
4) Addams Family
Who here hasn’t snapped their fingers along to this song? Deceptively simple, this theme easily gets stuck in your head and is incredibly infectious. Want to try something evil? Next time you’re with a group of friends, start humming the song and snapping your fingers. Watch how quickly they join in. THEN see how long they keep doing it without even realizing it. Guaranteed entertainment.
5) The Simpsons
Again, one of the most recognizable themes in the history of TV. Danny Elfman could retire in complete comfort from the royalties of this show alone. Of course, us horror fans always look forward to the yearly ‘Treehouse of Horror’ episode, which pokes venerates AND pokes fun at our beloved genre. 
A beautiful, playful, yet slightly wistful theme opens up what was once the biggest TV show in history. Don’t believe me? The series finale drew in almost 106 million viewers in 1983. That record wasn’t beat until the 2010 Super Bowl. Bam. 
The music here conveys the themes that would run throughout the series, including loss, death, humor and joy. The film version with lyrics doesn’t do much for me (especially the Marilyn Manson cover), but the original will always have a special place in my heart.
7) Mission Impossible
Oh Lalo Schifrin, you always compose such exciting music. Another one of those themes that you hear and immediately know. This theme conveyed the excitement, espionage and mystery that each episode (and film) brought forth. Even the Limp Bizkit version is badass.
8) The A Team
I still haven’t seen the movie that came out last year, but this TV show was AWESOME! And the theme was great because not only was it thrilling, but it was constantly punctuated by explosions and the sound of car crashes. Talk about pumping the audience up for an action-packed show!
9) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Pure. Awesome. That is all.
10) Tales From The Crypt
And Danny Elfman makes it back on the list for a theme that most of you probably saw coming a mile away. But honestly, how could I leave this off the list? While most kids watched Are You Afraid Of The Dark (which I also loved), I wanted to sneak downstairs and watch Tales From The Crypt. Admission time: whenever I did manage to watch an episode, I had to cover my eyes right before the Cryptkeeper popped out. Hey, I was six years old, okay??
Alright readers, you think you got some themes that should’ve made it onto this list? Leave a comment below and maybe we’ll get a Part 2 going!



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