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Did Limp Bizkit Cause A Man To Commit Murder?



The answer to this headline is no, they did not. A guy was drunk, got pissed off at his roommate and killed him over a dumb fight, that’s all. Want the details? The Brisbane Times is reporting that two men (who were roommates) and two women were hanging out when 24 year old James Madden put some Limp Bizkit on the apartment stereo. His roommate, 48 year old Emmanuelle McPherson, objected and wanted to turn off the music. Madden proceeded to break a bottle over McPherson’s head and punch and stomp on his face, killing him. The two women helped Madden bundle McPherson up, load him into a cart, take him down to a creek and then dump into the water. Although Madden has claimed his innocence, he supposedly admitted to the murder to an undercover police officer who was posing as his cellmate. 


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