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Enslaved Teams Up With Scion For FREE 5-Song EP

Metal giants Enslaved have released, for free, The Sleeping Gods, a 5-song EP, through Scion A/V (yes, the car company). Here’s a direct quote from the press release and it really amazes me: “In its continual effort to show support for the arts, Scion covers all production, licensing and distribution costs for the A/V projects and all proceeds go directly back to the label and artists involved.” You can see the track list and download your copy after the jump. 

“It’s exciting to be collaborating with Enslaved on this release. We feel the pairing is vital as we aim for the label’s approach to embody the same sense of forward thinking as the band’s music” says Jeri Yoshizu, Manager of Sales Promotions for Scion.

1. Heimvegen
2. Alu Misyrki
3. Synthesis
4. Nordlys 
5. The Sleeping Gods



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