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Exclusive Top 10: Eric Powell Of 16Volt Shares His Favorite Horror Movies

Eric Powell of 16Volt has sent Bloody-Disgusting his Top 10 Horror Movie list! 16Volt‘s latest album, Beating Dead Horses, came out last week, so make sure to pick up your copy at the Metropolis Records store.

From Eric Powell: “We are really excited about the release of our new album “Beating Dead Horses” on Metropolis Records. This album really achieves that perfect mixture of the heavy rock and electronic elements that we are known for. The album start to finish is our strongest I think. We also have a music video coming out for the song “Burn”. It’s a story about my father who died this year of alcohol abuse. I end up killing him in the video. It’s a little bit of a fantasy vindication for me.”
Check after the jump for the Top 10 list as well as the rest of the exclusive quote that explains why they have to drop off the Thrill Kill Kult tour that also features Twitch The Ripper.

“We will be touring more later this year and unfortunately we have had to leave the Thrill Kill Kult tour early due to them changing the financial deal on us making it impossible financially for us to continue. We are on friendly terms but we aren’t very happy with the situation. In any case look for more from us, we should have a constant stream of things going on. Check out our site, Twitter and of course our Facebook. Thanks and keep it disgusting!”

1. Metropolis
This movie is visually so ahead of it’s time and the FX invented for the movie helped create a foundation for the future of movies
2. Hellraiser
A classic that so many have tried to copy and none will ever achieve. This movie gave me nightmares when i was a kid.
3. Death Proof/Planet Terror
I am a sucker for b-movie’s and you can’t deny the campy style in this retro nod.
4. Macheté
What can I say, Trejo finally got his leading role. He’s in everything and he’s a bad ass. Machete rules.
5. Saw
For me, this one is a staple. It’s mental and physical and it has purpose. It’s not gratuitous gore, there is a message.
6. The Shining
Yes. Seriously. Do we even have to say anything?
7. Devil’s Rejects
Mr. Zombie’s coming out was fun, gritty and had just enough of everything to keep me glued. 
8. Blade Runner
Pris? You had to love her. Not totally horror of course, but it’s in my list.
9. REPO! The Genetic Opera
This is cheating a little since I worked on the movie but after seeing the final cut, I fell in love. Sadly over the heads of many, this one will remain a classic for me.
10. They Live
Invented the cybercreep genre. Can you see them?



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