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Album Review: Checking Out Seether’s Holding Onto Strings Better Left to Fray

Being the big grunge fan that I am, I don’t have much rock music that I can really get behind these days. Seether, the post-grunge trio from South Africa, has given me some reasons to turn my radio on the past decade, so I decided to check out their latest effort, Holding Onto Strings Better Left to Fray. Let’s just say I was very pleased with this decision. 

The album kicks off with one of my favorites, “Fur Cue“, this song sets a great tone for the album with its thick, heavy riffs and prominent bass lines. Shaun Morgan’s great blend of clean and guttural vocals really shine through on this album. This blend of agonizing screams and crisp vocals has always made Shaun one of my favorite vocalists on the rock scene today. “Country Song, the radio jingle many of you probably know by now, is a very fun track and seems like a sequel to “Fake It“.

There are a couple short comings on the album. Songs such as “Here and Now” and “No Resolution” just seem to get boring and really just have a basic filler track feel to them. “Desire For Need” is my personal favorite on the album. Its classic, heavy, and seethed with some vicious lyrics. I had that one on repeat for a while.

The Final Word: This is a solid album that I would definitely recommend picking up. It isn’t their best work, but in twelve years of rock, Seether has yet to disappoint me. Pick this one up people.



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