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Exclusive Top 10: Sal Coz Costa Of My Darkest Days Shares His Favorite Horror Movies

My Darkest Days lead guitarist Sal Coz Costa has given Bloody-Disgusting his Top 10 favorite horror movies, which you can check after the jump. These guys shot to the top of the US mainstream charts with their hit Porn Star Dancing (check out the uncensored version here), which featured Zakk Wylde (Black Label Society, Ozzy Osbourne) and Chad Kroeger (Nickelback). You can snag their self-titled album on iTunes.


10. The Descent
I was watching it with a hot chick once and she was bawling her eyes out the whole time… Worked well for me though… I ended up “comforting” her all night 😉
9. Nightmare On Elm Street
I was a kid when I saw this. It freaked me out because Freddy looked like one of my neighbours…
8. Child’s Play
I saw this movie and I became terrified of dolls… I still am… Their creepy little eyes freak me out.
7. Halloween
I never found this scary, the cheesy 80’s effects were hilarious. Watching it now, it seems more like a comedy.
6. I Know What You Did Last Summer
My grandfather had an ice pick… I spent my youth thinking maybe he was the killer!!!  
5. Scream
I had an ex-girlfriend who I guess was inspired by the movie… When I broke up with her she called me endlessly with a voice changer saying she was gunna kill me… We don’t talk anymore 😉 Although she did end up being a hostess at a restaurant I walked in to… Ahhhh!!!
4. Saw
This movie was just so realistic looking. Still freaks me out.
3. Exorcist
It freaked me out because I’m not religious… SO… If I was ever possessed I’d be shit out of luck… No priest would go out of their way to save me… 😉
2. Jennifer’s Body
Horrible movie… But the girl on girl action made it barable.
1. Jaws
I am obsessed with this movie. I still to this day probably watch it twice a month. I love sharks. I just think they are so rad.
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