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Exclusive Stream: Check Out Zombies Unlimited

Earlier this week, we debuted a new series entitled Infected Band Of The Week to showcase the musical projects of you, the Bloody-Disgusting users. But what you may not know is that the writers of BD also have some musical talent! Contributor John Marrone is the man behind Zombies Unlimited, a horror-techno project that terrifies as much as it entices. And now, John wants to share some of that music with you! After the jump, you can hear two tracks from ZU and if enough of you guys comment, we’ll make these two songs available for FREE DOWNLOAD! So listen and tell us what you think!


Zombies UnlimitedSmokefest

Zombies UnlimitedMadhouse


You can get copies of The Devils Chamber (Amazon or iTunes) or Closer To Death (Amazon) right now!



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