Cradle Of Filth's Paul Allender Unveils Vomitorium - Bloody Disgusting!

Cradle Of Filth’s Paul Allender Unveils Vomitorium

Paul Allender, lead guitarist of Cradle of Filth, has been working on his Vomitorium project for quite a while. Now, he’s unveiled Cthulu, the first t-shirt based off his work. You can order one off of Ed-Stone. As a bonus, the first 100 orders will get a signed ‘Cthulu Rising’ glossy print. 

Paul is also keeping busy in the music world, having just done some collaborations with close friend DJ Unwind. You can check out the single Indigo, which features singer Timotha Lanae, on their Bandcamp.
Stay in touch with Vomitorium on Facebook or Paul’s Official Website.