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Exclusive Top 10: Celldweller Share Their Favorites

Detroit electronic rocker Celldweller has sent Bloody-Disgusting his Top 10 Horror Movie list and it’s full of some fun and awesome choices! Several of them are VERY unorthodox and some might make you question whether or not they are horror. Well, to Celldweller they fit the bill and I’m not going to argue (because I honestly feel that all the unorthodox ones can be considered horror in their own right). 


I was a loner as a kid. My only friends were “rubber monsters” contained in a bag my mom made for me. I collected every creature i could find, insects, reptiles, dinosaurs & monsters of every kind. It was awesome to pit Frankenstein against Godzilla in my sandbox (which all the cats in my New York neighborhood probably used as a litter box btw. “Ewwww, the Mummy just dug up a turd!!”) My imagination kept me from the reality that i had no real friends, at least until the cool kids at school would give me a beating whether I needed one or not. Ahhh, good times.  
Thankfully i never fell out of love with my childhood friends & these eventually graduated from the sandbox to my TV screen. Thank you Bloody Disgusting for forcing me to narrow down my top flicks of all time to just 10, you bullies… 
King Kong vs Godzilla – two of my all-time favorite monsters duking it out. I mean how awesome was it when Kong brushes Godzilla’s teeth with a tree?!?! Pretty. 
Psycho – my dad flipped this on one night when i was pretty young & my mom had gone out of town with my brothers. I actually was more mortified by ‘mummy momma’ than the shower stabbing but I decided at that moment that i would never ever stab anyone in the shower. Ever.  
The Lost Boys – I wanted to bone Jamie Gertz sooooo badly. She just would never return my calls or answer my fan letters. Way to break a 9 year old’s heart Jamie.  
Poltergeist – stay on the shelf, you incorrigible clown doll. I hate you for making me lose so much sleep.  
Escape From New York – I never really knew Kurt Russel as the nice Disney guy. I knew him as Snake Plissken. the badass, hoarse-voiced loner. 
Hauk: You going to kill me, Snake?
Plissken: Not now, I’m too tired.
Plissken: Maybe later. 
Underworld Trilogy (can i just count the Trilogy as 1 movie? Please?!?!) The movies that really opened my eyes to the great acting skills of Bill Nighy & Michael Sheen and the great ass on Kate Beckinsale. Oh, & her acting was pretty good too.  
Hellboy – Ron Perlman has always been a fav actor of mine. I think he was a great fit for the Hellboy character, John Hurt rocked & Jeffery Tambor will always be George Bluth Sr to me. Guillermo Del Toro did a killer job IMHO – the visuals gave me a week-long boner. Imagine how awkward it was when i went to church with a screaming Hellboy-chubby. I mean, my Bible can only cover so much. 
Jurassic Park – A huge cross-section of my childhood friends all in one place!! Jeff Goldblum already had me with “The Fly” so A Fly vs a Raptor was right up my alley. 
Zombieland – Funny, witty, bloody. Oh, and funny too. (Bill Murray + Woody Harrelson + Randy Quaid  =  Kingpin – Randy Quaid + zombies = Zombieland) 
Bladerunner – i know it’s more SciFi, but this movie revolutionized my life. I’ve probably watched it 100 times. That was the world I wanted to live in & the people i wanted to be. So many incredible quotes & scenes and if you watch the 3 hour documentary, so much more nakedness from Sean Young.



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