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Vinyl Review: Converge / Dropdead Split 7 Inch

Earlier this year Converge made a few awesome announcements one including a Split release with them and Dropdead, which of course blew my mind. The release saw light on Converge‘s recent Spring tour with Trap Them with a severe variety of different colors. Curious to know my thoughts? Read past the break for my review. Enjoy! 

Last year Converge released the song “On My Shield” as a 7″ and that’s pretty much what I was expecting to hear. Something along the lines of slower intro that has an awesome build up and then just blows up and assaults you. That isn’t the case with “Runaway“. This song is instantly in your face, angry, and quick. It’s exactly what I wanted. The drums are insane and the guitars have a grind sound to them. And of course lead singer Jacob Bannon‘s voice sounds like he just swallowed a bunch of razors and was trying to get them out. I mean that in the best way possible. Converge definitely delivered. 


Of course I was just excited to hear Dropdead‘s B-side track “Paths Of Glory“. This song was just as in your face as “Runaway” was and just as awesome. Definitely an anti-war song and has the pissed off sound to match it, the song keeps up with the same intensity throughout and never gives you a second to recover. This was the newest material I’ve heard from Dropdead in a while and needless it didn’t disappoint. 

All in all this 7″ is awesome. Definitely a must for any hardcore fan, or Converge or Dropdead fan. Angry, fast, violent, in your face, and emotional. Not too mention the rarity of the 7″ itself. The Converge show I went to in Chicago had plenty of these to sell and I don’t think I saw one person with the same color. The Deathwish Inc. exclusive color is the bottom one in the above picture I took which is a clear red with a black swirl. The Armageddon Label‘s version is in the same fashion but instead as a clear green with a black swirl. There’s no telling how many have been pressed or how many variations exist. But regardless they look amazing and the songs are awesome.

4.5 Out of 5 skulls.



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