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Hear The New Staind Song ‘Eyes Wide Open’



I won’t lie, I haven’t listened to Staind since 2001’s Break The Cycle, mainly because I got sick and tired of hearing their music all over the radio. I just got fed up with them. Plus, I loved the overall feel and tone of Dysfunction and everything that I’d heard after Break The Cycle never quite matched the intensity and fury on that album. So, imagine my surprise when I decided to give the new track, Eyes Wide Open, a shot and it ended up kicking quite a bit of ass! The song comes from their upcoming self-titled album, which comes out September 2011.

The thick bass that I remembered from Mudshovel was back, the sludgy yet heavy guitar tone of Home was there and singer Aaron Lewis has dropped the “I’m super depressed and everything I sing sounds like I want to die” voice and instead brought out some vicious snarls and impressive screams. Yup, this track has 100% reinvigorated my interested in Staind.


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