Exclusive Top 10: Fullforce's Mike Andersson Shares His Favorites - Bloody Disgusting!

Exclusive Top 10: Fullforce’s Mike Andersson Shares His Favorites

Coming out July 26th is Fullforce‘s debut album, One, which is one hell of a sci-fi metal powerhouse album. The band features members of Cloudscape, Hammerfall, Yngwie Malmsteen, Narnia, and Heed. To celebrate this upcoming release, singer Mike Andersson¬†has shared his Top 10 horror films with Bloody-Disgusting! You can check it out after the jump, along with a video for ‘Wall Of Secrets‘.



Mike Andersson’s Top 10:

1. Hellraiser I
2. Hellraiser II
3. The Shining
4. Nightmare On Elm Street Part 1
5. Alien
6. Event Horizon
7. Friday The 13th Part 6
8. Poltergeist Part 1
9. Candyman Part 1
10. The Exorcist