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Could Remixers Paying For Copyrighted Music Be A Thing Of The Past?

One of the biggest hurdles for aspiring DJ’s and remix artists is the staggering time and cost of securing permission to use copyrighted material. However, Legitmix, a new software, aims to remove that hurdle entirely and without the record label having any say

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Okay, so here’s how Legitmix works: you download the software onto your computer. Then, you buy the remix album for something like $3. However, you also have to buy the original tracks that were remixed at full retail price and have them in your music library. Legitmix then takes the information from the remix album, uses the original source songs and, with the magic of technology, fully recreates the entire tracks as they were meant to be heard, dumps them into your library and voila! 

If you already own some of the tracks that were used for the remix album (say the album needed Tupac’s Changes and you already have it in your library), you don’t have to buy it again. The idea is that the more music you have, the more money you save. 
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